1. Working on something for uni. Using some of my favourite artists tattoo work on this total babe. Very much a work in progress but just trying to improve my photo manipulation and photoshop skills. No copyright intended etc!


  2. Hannah Snowdon



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  6. Hannah and Oskar



  7. fuckfindingauser said: What was Hannah like to work with?

    Cool, she’s a good friend so it was just really casual, we hung out, ate food, drank tea and watched American dad at her house whilst shooting :)


  8. bxby-love said: Jade, I was just reading through the questions you answered and you're even MORE of an inspiration to me than you were before. I absolutely love your work and you've definitely worked hard for what you have. I respect you SO much and I really would love to be able to speak to you more. We 'met' on twitter a while back and I didn't know a whole lot about you but you were still a great inspiration. I know more now and wow, you're really a wonderful person! Keep up the hard work xox ~Cheyenne

    I’m glad its inspired you sweety! I hope your good :) xx


  9. empirical--empathy said: a feeling of pride for you, hearing that, truthfully. You've sat there and just gone for something, and even though it turned out disastrous not once, but twice, you're still going through it, and using it as experience and lessons learned, and you're still having the courage to go after what you want. You're most definitely welcome! I can say you are definitely a bright soul and it's wonderful to be able to interact with you, and I think I'd like to continue to do so.

    Just be strong, it’ll pay off! Have patience :) Lessons are pretty hard but I’m becoming more accepting and deciding that I can’t give in, I have too much to lose so I’m finding ways to grow from the bad. There’s a lyric I know from a Kendrick Lamar track, I’m going off on a tangent again haha, but it says ‘If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?’ and I think that it just sums up this situation perfectly. Be strong, email me if you ever wanna chat more privately about your situation, I can’t promise I’ll know the advice for everything but I’m a good listener xx


  10. empirical--empathy said: Oh wow, I'm legitimately in tears; thank you for that. I have a very close person who is and continues to be my support and it's people like her and like this right here, with you, it's this kind of thing that helps me keep going. She tells me to do the exact same thing, to bite my tongue and that I'll be out of here and have the ability to learn, grow, and flourish; I have a lot to work through, and you've obviously gone through a lot and it reminds me that I'm human, ya'know? I kind of have ->


  11. empirical--empathy said: sharing your work, and it's exciting to see your experiences with every post you make. One of my favourite things is being able to watch someone do what they love, and actually grow with it and go somewhere, and that's exactly what I see with you. The whole process just gives me hope for myself in what I feel like I want to pursue, even though I am terribly and easily discouraged. But, like I said, I'm given hope by picking up what I see from amazing people like you, so I'm still trying~



  12. empirical--empathy said: Christianity. I'm coming from a very broken family with a couple fanatics hanging over me and I'm trying to get out of the environment as soon as possible. I'm kind of lacking religious alignment of any kind at this moment and with no direction currently, I'm just trying to get myself somewhere stable so I can start sorting it out. I'm enjoying this as well, really. you're brightening my day considerably just by talking to me, honestly. Aaah, that's exciting// I'm just happy that you're -->

    oh darling :( just try and be strong and know that when you are able to leave you will be able to and be free to spread your wings and live life how you wish, just explain to these people that you respect them and their views and love them as people as they are your family but that for you, you need time to grow and discover higher things for yourself, they should respect you for that. Maybe you may even decide to follow Christianity one day and then you can say that they told you so but for now just bite your tongue, some members of my family are similar but I make it clear to them in an understanding but stern way. Thank you for following my journey, it means a lot to me that people around the world watch and grow with me, its pretty astounding! Don’t be discouraged! Go with your heart, you will be guided along the way and you’ll know in your heart of hearts what is right for you. Put it this way, when I graduated from high school I left with B’s and C’s, I was predicted to get A+’s and A’s, I didn’t achieve one, all of my school friends were all in the ‘gifted and talented’ classes in art especially, I wasn’t in these classes and it bummed me out totally. When I had interviews to get into college I was interviewed for Photography and Graphic Design, I was completely self taught in photography at that point as my school didn’t teach it but I enjoyed my high school Graphics classes and the teacher sold the course really well to me therefore I decided to take the Graphics class. BIGGEST MISTAKE NUMBER 1. I HATED my course, everything I was promised would happen, didn’t. If I had never had met Elliott (boyfriend) I wouldn’t have ever finished the course, he pretty much did it for me in the end as I was so gloomy about it. I know now that I should have gone with the photography course and learned more in hindsight. When it came to me applying for university I decided that because I had taken the Graphics course in college, I would do that as a degree and was accepted straight away onto a programme at my current university. BIGGEST MISTAKE NUMBER 2. On my first day of my degree I cried the whole way home, I hated it from day one, stuck in a class of 100+ people with a team of 10+ tutors with a bunch of shitty, drug taking hipster kids I knew I wouldn’t last on this course and after Christmas that year I took the courage to leave the course. I fell into a heavy depression and became a recluse, I pushed everyone away from me because I felt a failure for leaving the course and couldn’t find a job in my town and it was, without a shadow of doubt the worst year of my life. I somehow found the courage to continue with my photography work and Elliott persuaded me to apply for the photography program. I applied and after two interviews I was told I ‘wasn’t good enough for the programme as I had no former training’. They eventually allowed me onto the programme and unfortunately I still haven’t learned anything but just improved my work out of class. I don’t post anything on here that is uni related, everything is personal for my portfolio but its strange that in my whole class of 30+ people, I speak to 3 people, I am the only one who has a site, the only one to get paid work, the only person who is becoming internationally renowned and the only one to make my passion into my life and career. The people in my school who were ‘gifted and talented’ have all parted ways and we no longer speak at all, one is unemployed and the other two are hairdressers. Not one of them went onto university, except me.

    The moral of all that is DON’T let anybody tell you you can’t do something. If you want to do something you can achieve anything if you are determined. Make your passion into your life. Let your heart lead you. Don’t put barriers up for yourself. If you want to, you can. <3