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  8. fuckfindingauser said: What was Hannah like to work with?

    Cool, she’s a good friend so it was just really casual, we hung out, ate food, drank tea and watched American dad at her house whilst shooting :)


  9. bxby-love said: Jade, I was just reading through the questions you answered and you're even MORE of an inspiration to me than you were before. I absolutely love your work and you've definitely worked hard for what you have. I respect you SO much and I really would love to be able to speak to you more. We 'met' on twitter a while back and I didn't know a whole lot about you but you were still a great inspiration. I know more now and wow, you're really a wonderful person! Keep up the hard work xox ~Cheyenne

    I’m glad its inspired you sweety! I hope your good :) xx


  10. empirical--empathy said: a feeling of pride for you, hearing that, truthfully. You've sat there and just gone for something, and even though it turned out disastrous not once, but twice, you're still going through it, and using it as experience and lessons learned, and you're still having the courage to go after what you want. You're most definitely welcome! I can say you are definitely a bright soul and it's wonderful to be able to interact with you, and I think I'd like to continue to do so.

    Just be strong, it’ll pay off! Have patience :) Lessons are pretty hard but I’m becoming more accepting and deciding that I can’t give in, I have too much to lose so I’m finding ways to grow from the bad. There’s a lyric I know from a Kendrick Lamar track, I’m going off on a tangent again haha, but it says ‘If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?’ and I think that it just sums up this situation perfectly. Be strong, email me if you ever wanna chat more privately about your situation, I can’t promise I’ll know the advice for everything but I’m a good listener xx


  11. empirical--empathy said: Oh wow, I'm legitimately in tears; thank you for that. I have a very close person who is and continues to be my support and it's people like her and like this right here, with you, it's this kind of thing that helps me keep going. She tells me to do the exact same thing, to bite my tongue and that I'll be out of here and have the ability to learn, grow, and flourish; I have a lot to work through, and you've obviously gone through a lot and it reminds me that I'm human, ya'know? I kind of have ->


  12. empirical--empathy said: sharing your work, and it's exciting to see your experiences with every post you make. One of my favourite things is being able to watch someone do what they love, and actually grow with it and go somewhere, and that's exactly what I see with you. The whole process just gives me hope for myself in what I feel like I want to pursue, even though I am terribly and easily discouraged. But, like I said, I'm given hope by picking up what I see from amazing people like you, so I'm still trying~